StrategyQuant X Ultimate Build 135 + AlgoWizard License 23

Last updated on 2021-09-24 01:13 PM in Release
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What exactly is StrategyQuant

StrategyQuant is a powerful strategy development and research platform that uses machine learning techniques and genetic programming to automatically generate new automated systems (trading robots, expert advisors, EAs) for any market (forex, futures, equities, crypto) and timeframe.

It is able to combine and verify millions of different entry and exit conditions, order types and price levels, to find best performing strategies according to your selection criteria – for example Net profit, Return vs Drawdown, Sharpe ratio etc.

You can export these strategies to source code of your trading platform as MQL for MT4 EA, MT5 EA or EasyLanguage for Tradestation/Multicharts.

Helps you find new high-quality strategies

There is never enough good strategies to trade. StrategyQuant X can help you find and evaluate new potential strategies or trading ideas.

Reduce trading errors caused by human factor

Algorithmic strategies trade automatically, they never forget, never make a mistake, they are not influenced by psychological aspects such as fear or greed.

Trade in a quantified way

With its research capabilities and robustness tools you can find strategies that are statistically sound, based on a verifiable alpha / edge over the market.

Increase your productivity

With automated workflow you can let the program do the work - generate and verify millions of trading strategies every day, while you can do something else.












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