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Use it for Work. Use it for Play.


DroneViewer combines your drone’s footage with visual data such as your drone’s precisely mapped GPS location, speed, geotags, and more. DroneViewer’s accessibility and data visualization makes it the perfect tool for a wide range of commercial and personal uses.

Map Displays

Your drone’s entire route and current position are displayed in an animated 2D map. The route line is color-coded based on the drone’s speed. Click anywhere along the route to jump to that point in the video sequence. Choose between different map providers (Google, MapQuest) and themes (satellite, road, hybrid). Highlight important points in the route with Geotag markers.



Geotags are custom markers you can drop at any point along your flight. They appear in the map and in the Geotags list view. Metadata such as the time, date, speed, latitude, longitude, line-of-sight distance, movie name, and movie time are stored with each geotag. Double-click a geotag in the List and you will jump instantly to that point in the video sequence. Geotags can be exported and imported for easy access.

Export Data

DroneViewer allows you to export your GPS data in multiple formats, including comma-separated value (CSV), GPX, and Google Earth KML. Portions of videos can be exported to short clips with or without sound and at accelerated or decelerated playback rates. Still frames can be exported to JPG or PNG.


Videos List

Loaded videos are shown in the Videos list. Videos that are uninteresting can be toggled off so they no longer appear in the video sequence and their GPS data is removed. To play a specific video simply double-click on it in the list. Additional information about each video is displayed alongside its filename, including file size, maximum vehicle speed, date, and time, is displayed in the list item.

Map and Navigate Your Routes.

Exploring places with your drone can be an amazing way to see the world, but it can be difficult to track precise locations with the limited capabilities most video playback software provides. With DroneViewer you can now track and clearly visualize exactly where your drone has traveled using geolocation and GPS coordinates.


** The time is base on America/New_York timezone