Vocal Eliminator 7 v1.0c (VE-7) Cracked 2

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The VE-7 Singer’s Tool-Kit with the incredible SledgeHammer  Vocal Enhancer gives you the tools you need to accomplish your singing goals and take your Singing Experience to the next level.  This one Incredibly Easy to Use software product (Windows currently but Mac coming in a few months) transforms your home computer into a powerful Practice and Recording Studio capable of removing the lead vocal from standard recordings, changing the key of the background music and mixing in your new vocal with the World Class Sledge-Hammer Vocal Enhancer’s studio effects as well as recording the results.

Add powered speakers and you have an incredibly capable Live Performance Sound System.  The VE-7 along with your audio interface replaces a Mixer, Effects Units and Player for your backgrounds.
The VE-7 has a Digital Key Transposer , World Class Vocal Enhancement and Mixer for up to two microphones as well as a Built-In Recorder which allows you to easily record the background alone or capture the entire mix with your enhanced vocals.

Sound FAR Better Than You Ever Dreamed Possible!

Studio Quality Vocal Enhancement

    You really have no idea just how incredible your voice can sound until you hear your voice enhanced by the SledgeHammer’s World Class effects.  The VE-7’s SledgeHammer  Vocal Enhancer uses the same technology we use in the $3,000 UVP-1 Ultimate Vocal Processor!  This makes it super easy for the non technical user to enhance his or her vocals in Live Performance or in recordings you make.  With twelve built in Styles of Vocal Enhancement you can quickly audition your vocals with the same type of effects as you hear on professional recordings.   Whether you are looking for Elvis’ Sun Recordings ‘Slap Echo’ effect of the Ultra Lush Delays and Reverbs used by artists like Julio Iglesias or even the hard to achieve ‘Sibilant Reverb’ George Michael employed on songs like ‘Jesus To A Child’, the VE-7 has you covered.
     It’s almost like having a professional engineer in your computer!  Watch the video below to see the incredible range of Styles and the incredible improvement having World Class Vocal Enhancement makes in your vocals.   And it works in all of your environments, including Practice and Live Performance in addition to Recording.


Instantly Change The Effects Style

The VE-7’s SledgeHammer Vocal Enhancer allows you to audition different effects styles on the fly as you are singing to find the one that you prefer for your voice.  You can go from the very subtle vocal enhancement  options in the lower left corner to the very lush vocal enhancement settings like ‘MoonLight Lady’ which channels effects employed by artists like Julio Iglesias, or even ‘In your face’ rock enhancement settings like ‘Long Cool Woman’ or the hard to emulate ‘Sibilant Reverb’ employed by artists like George Michael on ‘Jesus To A Child’ , Elvis’ Sun Records slap echo, or Phil Collins’ dramatic echo effect on ‘In the Air Tonite’ .

Auto-Effects when engaged kills the reverb and echo effects when the background music is not playing.  This allows you to speak to the audience between songs without sounding like you’re in a tunnel.  The effects automatically come back on once the background music starts again.

Of course you can take even the extreme effects and dial the back with the Verb level control on each mic to tame them down the the perfect level for your individual taste.   Each mic has independent control over the Echo – Reverb balance as well as the actual level of the effect on that microphone.


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